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Dec. 17th, 2013


[sticky post] AliceHizou feedback

Making a new sticky.

If you have purchased anything through me, via my service AliceHizou, please leave me some feedback here!
Even if you have no LJ account, you can still leave a feedback, just fill in the captcha.
If you feel you want to leave more than one feedback, that's fine too!

Thank you!

My facebook page is here.

How to use my service and the fees I charge:

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions before making any purchase through me.
I will take it that you have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions when you make the purchase.

Terms and conditions are subject to changes.

Jan. 9th, 2015


GACKT new goods up for preorder!

Huge post coming up.

GACKT winter 2015 releases

1. Gackt Eternal Slate: Gackt's hand imprints with his signature on copper in a wooden frame, celebrating his 15th anniversary as a solo artiste.
Price 51840 yen (including tax)

2. 2014 Camui Gakuensai de Matomena Matsuri DVD
Price 8424 yen (including tax)

3. Gackt x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra DVD
Price 7344 yen (including tax)

There is a flat local delivery fee for purchases based on total amount.
- For total purchases up till 9999 yen, 1080 yen
- For total purchases 10,000~29,999 yen, 1188 yen
- For total purchases 30,000~99,999 yen, 1404 yen

Please note that the DVDs cannot be ordered together (I have NO idea why! But it has always been the case since the store was created.), so if you order both DVDs, you'll have to pay for local delivery TWICE.

Ordering dateline: 31 Jan 2015
Payment dateline: 1 Feb 2015

GACKT x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra goods
There is a flat local delivery fee for purchases based on total amount.
- For total purchases up till 9999 yen, 1150 yen
- For total purchases 10,000~29,999 yen, 1250 yen
- For total purchases 30,000~99,999 yen, 1450 yen

Ordering dateline: ASAP, while stocks last

My commission is 20% of the total cost of your purchase. (applies to both the winter releases and tokyo philharmonic goods)
Shipping to you is separate and will only be collected when the items arrive.

To order, email me at alicehizou@ yahoo.co.jp. Do NOT pm me on LJ.

Dec. 27th, 2014


GACKT x Gemcerey goods

New GACKTxGemcerey goods are available for orders now!
They added new goods for the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra event and also for Gakuensai. The items for Gakuensai are cute!

There's also a new watch which is so pretty!


I'm taking orders for all the goods (while stocks last, some items are already sold out!!)
Commission is 20%.
Local delivery is free and I'll absorb the admin fee.
International shipping will be paid after the item arrives. You can choose from either EMS or standard airmail.

Email alicehizou @ yahoo.co.jp to enquire and order.


Gackt Camui Gakuen goods preorder

The Gakuensai goods will go on sale on 29 Dec, 5pm. I'm taking orders for them from now till the goods are sold out. Based on past years experiences, it's better to order asap as certain items (like the cat ears) sell out really fast.

To order, email alicehizou @ yahoo.co.jp with the link to the item you want, indicating the number of items for each and size (if applicable). If you have any questions, you can also email to ask.

There is a local delivery and admin fee of 1150 yen charged by the website.
My commission is 20% of your total order (not including delivery fees).
First payment is the total of your purchase, local delivery and admin fee and commission.

Shipping to you is by either EMS or standard airmail. This amount will be paid AFTER the goods arrive and before shipping out to you. (This is the second payment.)

Nov. 19th, 2014


Crafts for sale

Recently I started making stuff again.
But what do I do with them? So yeah, I'm selling them.
For anyone who is interested, please check out my FB page album here.

If you're not interested, would appreciate if you could help to share it so others who are not looking at my blog or FB will know about it too.

Nov. 6th, 2014


Selling items

I have a few items that I want to sell and I'll be posting pictures of them on my Facebook page, AliceHizou. They are mainly Gackt related and mostly in mint condition. I'll be posting some of the handicraft items I made for sale too. These items are all handmade by me and designs are original.

Check my fb page and feel free to share them if you think there might be people who are interested.

Oct. 26th, 2014


Cafe Facon

I was in Naka Meguro yesterday and was in search of a coffee place but as all places I looked into were full, I googled amd the first that came up was Cafe Facon. (pronounced as fa-song. It's probably French?) Read a review that their coffee was great and so I made my way there.

It is pretty close to the station but because I was taking a nice long walk along the river and in the opposite direction I took a little time to get there. It's a little hard to find even when you get to the place because the signboard is in Japanese. Although there is a sign outside the building in English (see below), the entrance leads to two stairways which are two separate buildings. The name on the building is written in katakana カフェファーソン and it took me more than a minute to realise it's the place I wanted to go.

Climbling up three flight of stairs, I reached this little doorway, entering it, I'm greeted by a wooden counter and wooden furniture. The cafe looks pretty quaint. But no aroma of coffee hit me. I should have realised then that something was amiss but in we go.

They have a little balcony with two tiny tables and chairs. It would have been nice if there was a bit of walking space but no I had to squeeze past the table to get to the chair at the far end. My friend sat on the other chair. The waitress could not reach our tables to put the items down probably and always had to pass us stuff and we have to place them on the table ourselves.

The menu. This shows the complete coffee selection this cafe has.
Price is considered normal for coffee places in Tokyo. It's a little steep compared to chain cafes and some drinks might be even more pricey than your starbucks cuppa.

I ordered a chiffon cake. It had a cinnamon taste and I hate cinnamon. So it's not really fair for me to grade this cake. But it might be kind to put it in the description so people like me do not fall prey. They had a very limited food menu. Only 4 types of desserts and 4 types of sandwiches. Not salads, no finger food.

Cafe creme. The girl warned us that it's a little on the sweet side and boy is it sweet! There is a dollop of cream on top and makes the coffee creamy but not oily (as some creams do). The lack of aroma makes me feel like I'm drinking some commericalised canned coffee. It's not bad but I wouldn't travel all the way there just for this.

Egg sandwich. My friend ate this and said it was really good. Can't comment since I didn't taste it.

Overall, I would not recommend this place unless you are like us, unable to find a seat at some other cafe.
The tea and coffee selection is very limited and so is the food menu. There is nothing special with the coffee and although the place was quite nice and comfortable (indoors. Outdoors was a different issue.), it's not worth the effort and price.

Oct. 13th, 2014


Selling Vamps 5th Dec ticket

Posting on behalf of a friend.
She is selling 2 vamps tickets on 5 dec at the original price. Anyone interested please contact Belle directly at belle.sim12@gmail.com.

Oct. 8th, 2014



Picture 5

VAMPIRE's LOVE ring designed by HYDE went on sale today.
Price 64584 yen
The ring is 925 silver and comes in sizes from 3 to 17. Please note Japanese ring sizes are different, so google if you want to get one.
I'm taking orders for this. The ring will be delivered about 2 months after ordering. Please note that if you order a wrong size, I cannot accept any returns or exchanges. I will not be able to refund you, so please check your ring size carefully before ordering.

While stocks last. 

P.S I LOVE U GACKT and Tokyo Philharmonic live

Today I received my (personal) FC magazines and some flyers in the mail.
Those who recently got the FC did not get the magazines, only some flyers, so I will only be sending them out when I receive more items at the end of the year.

New project is starting soon! Join the facebook and twitter page to get updates.
search for gacktapp

Not really sure what this whole thing is about yet. But we'll see....

Gackt x Tokyo Philharmonic live is confirmed for 26 Dec this year and the second round of lottery will start on 17 Oct.
This is only open for FC members who registered before 15 Sept.
If you got your FC through me and I've registered before 15 Sept (the date you sign up with me and the date I got it registered is different as some paperworks needs to be done and takes some weeks) and want to go for this event, contact me via FB message or email alicehizou @ yahoo.co.jp. Don't send LJ private message as I can only access that from a computer and I don't have 24/7 access.

Each ticket cost 25,000 yen (including tax and some gift)
Venue is at Tokyo Opera City concert hall.
Based on last year's event, you have to wear something nice (formal dress for girls and suits for guys)

FYI I will be away from Japan for about a month, starting in mid Nov till mid Dec. I will not be able to ship anything out during this period. I can still be contacted via email or FB messages but I will NOT have a computer. I can still make purchases and do any transactions on your behalf, however, the goods cannot be delivered during the time I am gone. I'll have someone pick up packages till end Nov, but there'll be nobody to pick things up from Dec. So if you want to order anything, please make sure you check their expected delivery dates and let me know. Packages that arrived and are collected will be kept till I am back in Japan and will be delivered out as soon as I can make it to the post office. If you do not like this arrangement or cannot wait, please do not order anything through me.

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